#2015 Travis Team Promo 

Hi Everyone!  We wanted to reward those who are sharing
so we came up with this contest when we were vacationing in Riviera Maya!

Contest Winners:


Congrats Ladies! 


Tina Holan, Gold – Grand Mayan!




Nancy Casteel, Silver – Mayan!




Pack Your Bags!!!



Video Hints:
(Just click on each Hint # to watch the videos)
Hint #1 - You ain’t seen nothin’ yet..! (9/8/14)
Hint #2 - Never intended an oil biz! (9/11/14)
Hint #3 - Next crazy idea! (9/12/14)
Hint #4 - Rewarding those who are sharing! (9/13/14)
Final Hint & Rules - (9/20/14)

BTW… We goofed up the dates to qualify for this vacation*! Starting October 1st, 2014, the first 3 people to qualify for Silver or Gold Club 2015 will win a 7-day stay at the Mayan for Silver, Grand Mayan for Gold, or anywhere else in the world that is available of equal standards. In order to qualify for Silver or Gold club you have to hit those ranks and hold them for 3 months straight. Not only will your income have a significant raise, you will receive an incredible time at Silver or Gold Club from Young Living #lifechanging AND on top of that you will win from us a stay at our private resort anywhere in the world (based upon availability but very flexible). So please take the expiration date of 3/31/2015 out of the equation. We realized last night we did the math wrong. We want everyone to have a shot at this, so get going! You all have a level playing field :-) #Goodluck

*Includes 7-day stay at resort only. You are responsible for travel, meals

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