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The Gage Academy Study Group Series
This study group is not to replace the courses at The Gage Academy, but to supplement the study as it relates to Young Living. To enroll in The Gage Academy, go to
Level 1 – Professional Awareness Course 1: Ethics and Professionalism Learn how to work the business ethically and instill a culture of ethics in your team. Discover what separates the amateurs from the professionals and how to inspire your team.
Creating a Culture of Professionalism (11/22/14):

Level 1 – Professional Awareness

Course 2: How to Harness Duplication                 

Learn the components necessary to create duplication on your team and how to use them with recruiting prospects. Also, how to utilize third-party tools for maximum duplication.

Components of a Duplicable System (12/6/14):

How Escalation Progression Works (12/13/14):

The Importance of 3rd Party Tools (12/20/14):


Level 2 – Power Enrolling Course 1: Prospecting Skills

In your second certification level, things really get interesting! These video learning modules are where you will learn how to meet people, the best places to find them, how to work a candidate list, and then how to invite prospects and utilize presentations to turn yourself into a recruiting machine. 

How to Meet People (1/1/15):

Working Your Candidate List (1/11/15):

Basics of Compelling Invitations & Inviting Templates (1/18/15):

Leading & Conducting Effective Home Presentations, 2 on 1′s, 1 on 1′s & Inviting Templates (includes our team checklist) (1/26/15):

Employing Group Presentations & Online Recruiting) (2/2/15):

Level 3 – Team Building Dynamics

Course 1: Building A Strong Consumer Base

Everything in the business comes from the base retail volume you produce. This course will show you how to build a strong foundation of satisfied customers, whether you are MLM, direct sales or party plan

Selling in a Duplication Business, The Differences Between Direct Selling, Party Plans & Network Marketing (2/9/15):

Building Strong Volume & Understanding The Value of Autoship (3/2/15):

Building a Large Team & Driving Depth (3/16/15):

Counseling (3/30/15):

Building Long Distance Lines (4/6/15):

Building Faster with Technology & Building a Line vs. Driving a Line (4/13/15):

Building Through Events (4/20/15):

Managing Your Time & Team Communication (4/27/15):

Working With Different Lines Simultaneously (5/11/15):

Getting The Most From Events – Getting People Over The Line (5/18/15):


Level 4 – Team Building Dynamics

Course 1: The Role of a Leader This course is really about is the PRINCIPLES of leadership, meaning the principles you need to LIVE by and WORK by to really lead the team and do it with INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND SUCCESS.

Defining Leadership & Management vs Leadership (6/2/15):

What Leaders Do & The Laws of Network Marketing Growth  (6/8/15):

Creating Your Leadership Brand, Recognizing Potential Leaders & Leading a Massive Team (6/15/15):

How to Nurture & Develop Potential Leaders (6/22/15):

Building Culture (6/29/15):

Building Belief (7/6/15):




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